Anfossi Sculpture
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The King’s collection


All the objects of this collection is authentic and the result of a long research and preparation effort. Almost all skulls, reproduced in various precious metals, from bronze to silver to various types of gold and other metals have been traced to one of the most significant places in its history, as well as the Museum of History and Natural Sciences in Florence better known with its name, La Specola.

For centuries it has kept countless collections of animals passed over into taxidermy and complete skeletons, many of which have been sold in the course of history by wealthy aristocratic families, among which is also a decisive measure of the then king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy.


From the Royal Museum to artisan laboratory


In order to be able to reprocess identical bones in metal objects, it was necessary to use the silicone rubber reproduction technique directly on the chosen skulls . This technique, now no longer permitted by law, has required a great technical expertise and amount of time, due to the delicacy due mainly to the old aging of the worked subjects.

The original skulls from which the sculptures have been made here present, report different acquisition dates, data that are present on the card of each sculpture. For the time being, the oldest repertoire reproduced in this collection is the Nile Crocodile dating back to the late 1700s.


Singularity of execution


The quest for exclusivity is reiterated not only by the ” pédigrée ” that each of these objects can and boast, and because they have been replicated with the traditional technique of silicone rubber, and not with the latest digital techniques, but also from the high level of performance that runs through a large number of professional laboratories operated by craftsmen and experts in the manufacturing sector.

Chiseler, caster, stone carving silversmiths and everything else in this art, are all in the same place that traditionally for centuries boasts one of the primates for quality, inventive and heart that works in the vast world of sculpture, of course I’m talking about Florence.