Between past and present


These sculptures were born thanks to the support of many extraordinary and qualified people.
Every object, whether manufactured or not, carries with it, in its material, the memory of the environment in which it was born, and of all that it has created has created it.
So not only every person, but also the environments that have met these objects for how we show you them today, are to be regarded as the artifacts and influenzers, direct or indirect, of their essence.



Otherwise how can start to explain you the origin of the ancient charm that lies in these objects?
Objects, sculptures, artifacts, works of art, home jewelry,  the role, the best definition that deserves to be coupled to these objects will be their owner deciding it.
But if it is true that every object is manifested in its fulcrum and memory his past, then these should already denotate their noble origin through the vibrant silvery surfaces that from the workshops of the chaotic laboratories in the historic center extend from the mighty walls of the ancient Imperial and Royal Museum of Physics and Natural History of Florence, where their ancestors sleep and are kept for centuries, and now reborn in this present vestiges.
Established in 1775 in Florence, it is the oldest scientific museum in Europe, boasting collections of all kinds
which, by the richness of the variety and uniqueness of the exhibits kept in it, does not fear comparisons with others on such sites in important European capitals.



Starting from a repertoire of the genre, where each find extols history, research, love for science and the animal world, transposing form from its organic matter to metal has perhaps been the least demanding passage between all the actions it is due to be subjected.
The soul of these objects has no time and age. Despite their original ancestors, they have had one in which they lived and enjoyed it for many years, some even more than a century ago. Maybe it was not a fortuitous case that they had fallen under a Royal hunt, or else they ended up being the booty of some aristocrats of the last century who had to find them in Somalia or Savannah probably with their family or usually followed enjoy a Safari, which usually took care of reporting anything about the animal, so that the trophy could also be found as a repository of scientific value, further enhancing the fruit of its businesses with all that could indicate its nature (especially sex breed geographic location etc etc ) thus providing the valuable resources for their classification.



It is also thanks to the donations of these aristocratic families, among the first the real ones, which with their impressive collections accumulated during journeys in the most diverse places in the world, were born several scientific archives and exotic nature related to the various branches of zoology, from centuries enriching the various halls of many of the most prestigious museums in the world.

Each of the sculptures here is provided with a technical data sheet with its historical background concerning the origin of the animal from which it was reproduced. This information is important to us and it has a significant significance, as they not only point out that they have had a close relationship with historical figures of politics, deriving from a private collection of the King is not a thing of all days, but also that these sculptures are not just objects, since they previously had a life, and therefore a story. Through the pubblication of these data we want to give dignity and respect to the life that previously animated these objects, reminding our fans that we were not creating this story, but that they already had one, based on the true essence of their life. Certainly to make them even more fascinating are those details that intertwine the lives of some illustrious characters in history. We are simply bringing to light the witness of a “glorious” past life, attempting to exalt its presence through those artifices typical of human genius.

We operate in contraposition in which nature is the artisan who provide to give us the raw material, and as in a teamwork, we are a part of the production, transforming the material that has provided us into an object through its various processing phases, which are countless.



The most advanced techniques in precious metal processing today see these skulls, which have become bronzes, galvanized into elaborate electrochemical baths that deposit particles of silver, copper, gold, nickel, rhodium, passing through various degreasing and cleaning techniques that their could write, already in themselves, a long and fascinating story that has accumulated over the centuries spent in the art of metalworking, especially the precious ones.
Art that has traditionally been in Florence for centuries. Famous is the Peterhof Palace with its entirely golden classical sculptures that would have been forged and gilded in Florence already in the 18th century.
The whirling of workings and treatments that must necessarily endure each of these objects before seeing their fulfillment, leads us now to direct our attention to a different, less prestigious but no less noble environment.
In fact, the forges in which these helmets of organic origin’s are transposed in places that for their antiquity tradition can reach in the past the same finds that were called to work.
It is no coincidence that these bronzes were born in Florence, home to goldsmiths, founders, sculptors, chisels, stonecutters, poets and artists, warlord, popes and kings. Benvenuto Cellini, along with other miraculous co-authors of the Renaissance firmament, art and virtue, based on the technique of sculpture, their myth, which, through the traditional process of lost wax casting, contains one of the highest technical and artistic expressions of sculpture of all time.
It is from this strong and ancient tradition that these objects arise.